Web Design

With HTML, CSS and JavaScript I create accessible websites whilst utilizing my photography and graphic design skills to enhance visual appeal. The websites designed are not only responsive but also quick to load.

Graphic Design

I use Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign to produce marketing materials such as logo's, posters and business cards. All marketing materials are designed to tailor my client's specifications and requirements.

3D Projects

I have recently produced two Hats which have been accepted into the game, Guns of Icarus online, however will attempt and complete a 3D model upon request and consideration.


I produce music with FLStudio having access to the following instruments and VST's:

  1. MIDI keyboard (Axiom Pro 49)
  2. Electric guitar (Revelation RFT)
  3. Acoustic guitar (Lindo White Dove)
  4. Spitfire Audio - Albion One
  5. UVI Workstation - Orchestral Suite